Nashat is a company Limited by Guarantee, (Registered Number: 11997367) based in Croydon, South East London.  We provide workshops for local authorities, community groups, governmental organisations, schools and voluntary groups.  This is done through our Personal and Business Development programme as an access and referral point.  We aim to build a strong community for young people, entrepreneurs and the elderly, all of whom are our target audience.

We build communities, network and collaborate with like-minded people to achieve success.  Our definition of success is“the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”

Nashat was born out of the reality that talk alone is not enough.  It should be followed by action and physical manifestation, as such “words must become flesh.”  Often people in our community envisage and/or talk about teaching our own, creating jobs and opportunities for young people or simply supporting our own businesses and providing relief for the vulnerable.  However, in order to achieve this outcome, there’s the occasional lack of fundamental implementation. Given that Nashat is a real-life model, three people from distinctive organisations have come together to create an eco-system, encouraging and nurturing start-ups, existing businesses and organisations to work together to collaborate and empower entrepreneurship. It is a hub where you can be entertained, learn a variety of skills and gain experience through various educational programmes. As a result, products and services can be sold and made available through our retail outlets in the UK and worldwide. Join us today and take your aspirations to new heights.

Our Team

Founding Partners


As a partner Joseph Media’s main responsibilities are providing solutions in all things technical including multimedia, internet and emerging technologies.


Joseph Media’s core values are at the heart of helping diverse local and global communities to effect positive change. The organisation is committed to social, economic and environmental development and sustains itself through funding and paid services. All community projects are nonprofit, non-political, non-religious and encourage collaboration and sharing through media and research. Paid services include Marketing, IT/Digital MediaTraining and Consultancy solutions.


As a partner Cowrie Design’s main responsibilities are providing solutions in all things retail including buying and selling a plethora of products as well as managing logistics and global relationships.

Cowrie Design launched in 2009 following its founder’s first trip to Nigeria, a country well known for its elaborate celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and naming ceremonies. During the visit, and with the help of an assistant seamstress I had designed a number of garments/dresses, on return to the sunny UK, I received lots of recognition from family and friends on the quality of the sewing especially the finishing Cowrie Design is a subtle blend of classic and contemporary fashion and accessories inspired by the African continent, aimed at todays professional, afropolitan and conscientious women.

Being that this was my first trip, I was bewildered by the conditions in which the seamstress was able to produce such quality items. As friends and family began to place orders thoughts began to circulate, the creation of a business venture immersed.

More than the being just a business venture my thoughts turned to how to create sustainable incomes of Kehinde and other small enterprises places where low Human Development Index (HDI) was prevalent.

As a partner AEOE’s main responsibilities are sourcing specialist books and African cultural gifts, products and services.

We are a bookstore geared towards stocking the largest selection of books authored by the Master Teacher Dr Malachi Kobina York. This also includes books by other well renown authors which you can purchase online or in the store. We are always adding new books to our collection so do visit us often.

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Board Members

Amanda BAILEYBoard Member
Amanda has more than 10 years experience in retail and running projects with entrepreneurs in the continent and the diaspora. Amanda helps in bringing products to market from conception, providing support and guidance throughout the entire process. She has been responsible for providing a livelihood for women who would ordinarily have no means of sustaining themselves.
Akosua EDUSEIBoard Member
With vast teaching experience Akosua gives direction with delivery of the various training programmes at the centre.
Dennis LIVERPOOLBoard Member
With vast experience as a teacher and logistic management Dennis provides guidance in strategy delivery and workshop management and delivery.
John EDETBoard Member
With many years in IT, networks and project management John leads the delivery of IT projects and manages the delivery of our training programmes.
Dr Jude JOSEPHBoard Member
With extensive experience in internet and multimedia engineering , emerging technologies and programme management, Jude provides leadership on all technical matters and project delivery.

We see a world where everyone has unique gifts and something to offer, so therefore we pride ourselves in building positive and strong foundations for them to rediscover their hidden potential through our workshops. Facilitating soft and hard skills, training and equipping them to know that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Building strong networks locally to maximise all the opportunities available to them in order to signpost them along the right path for the furtherance of their full potential.

To provide a range of opportunities for people by connecting and establishing links with local authorities, community groups, governmental organisations and voluntary groups as an access point and referral unit to build a strong community for our target audience. Focusing on the promotion of positive confidence building through our diversified programs, serving as an advocate for positive change through the creative arts, business and as the coordinating unit of community based solutions and services.

  • To always provide first class quality service
  • To have a non-judgmental approach
  • To support young people, entrepreneurs and elders within our community
  • To focus on promoting positive confidence building primarily through health and well-being, business, music and the creative arts.
  • Use the diverse media platforms as a means of promoting our services, engaging with our audience and establishing a reputation as experts in industry.
  • Collecting feedback in order to continue to provide first class quality service.
  • Developing a culture of innovative and creative ideas amongst the various sectors. By building strong networks within our community.
  • Serving as an advocate for positive change through well0being, creative arts and as the coordinating unit of community based solutions and services.
  • Ensuring that our message of optimism comes out loud and clear.