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Who we are

Nashat African Cultural Centre was founded out of the need to bring the community together to work in a more cohesive way, improve its economic position, give back to the community and leave a legacy for the next generation.

We are very community focused with an entrepreneurial vigor.  Our ethos is mind, body, spirit and soul.  We empower people to be more healthy, more spiritual and to preserve their soul for the journey beyond this physical existence.  We basically encourage people to be the best that they can be in a positive way that will  impact others.  We know that change and new habits, particularly mindset change may take some time to accomplish so we thrive to support you every step of the way.  Our aim is to bring the community together in positive ways, fuel creativity, individuality and culture in Croydon, London and beyond.

We provide a variety of  products and services for all ages and occasions including but not limited to books, health and wellbeing products, hair, skin and beauty products, clothing, jewellery, accessories, we have a recording studio, a space for hire as well as running many workshops designed to help you tap into your hidden potential.

Founders and board

Inspired by the great Dr Malachi Z. K. York, a prolific author of some thousand books, philanthropist,  entrepreneur and builder of several affluent communities is a great inspiration to Nashat and it’s entrepreneurial and community building aspirations.


Retail experience, deals with purchasing.

IT expert, serial entrepreneur and consultant providing leadership and guidance on all things technical.

IT, Networking, Books, Publishing.


Retail Management.

Education and Training Management.

IT, Networking, Books, Publishing.

Advisory Board, Public Relations.

What we do

We work with individuals and groups in the community to create a better world for all of us.  Our facility has two floors with the top retail floor stocking a variety of natural wellbeing products covering a wide range of cultural products for the hair, skin, internal and external use.  In addition, we have jewellery, clothing and essential home products for men, women and children.

The bottom floor has facilities to hot-desk, host events, attend workshops, a recording studio and a space for hire.  We work with local and budding entrepreneurs sharing our experience and expertise to help them establish and bring their product or service to market.

A variety of retail products for everyone and for all occasions – from the latest in fashionable clothing and accessories, to educational reading materials and health products for the body’s vitality… and so much more

We provide a resounding graphic & web design service, with well experienced staff, who can create the sound and visual magic of your desire, utilising the best of software equipment – we listen and work closely with you, so that you can gain the best expereince

We provide a resounding print & design service, with well experienced staff, who can create the sound and visual magic of your desire, utilising the best of software equipment – we listen and work closely with you, so that you can gain the best experience.

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We provide a recording studio, where you can be in a comfortable and supporting environment to; create, arrange, compose and record your own music material, with the aid of the best recording equipment, software and musical instruments:


Minimum booking 2 hours, full day 8 hours. Inclusive of in-house engineer:

2 hours (£35 an hour)
3 – 4 hours (£25 an hour)
5 – 8 hours (£20 an hour)

  • Session musicians, producers, vocalists are also available at extra costs as required.
  • Mixing and Mastering also available as a separate service.
  • Deposits secure booking.
  • Cancellations must be at least 24 hours prior to booking or subjected to penalties.

Image of space to hire at Nashat downstairs

We provide space hire for users to carry out and conduct; lectures, workshops, projects and periodical programmes and much more – all with the peripheral aid of: computers, large white board, OHP and sound accommodating equipment

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We provide user friendly internet cafe services plus wifi accessibility, with hands-on assistance for whenever you may need help. We also have printing, faxing, photo-copying and scanning facilities

We help new businesses get access to funding