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We have various events daily, weekly, monthly or annually throughout the year. Most events are hosted in-house (for example our weekly Seminars, Q&A/Topic class every Saturday 7pm to 9.30pm) and some events are hosted by external guests. Most events are free, some are paid and others are subsidised. To attend events, Search or browse the calendar and click on the event  for further information, register and pay if applicable. You may receive a confirmation email with booking details.

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Weekly Q&A/Topic classes every Saturday 7pm GMT breaking down information on Wu-Sabat (Our Culture)/information and outformation.  All are welcome to come along physically (if available) or join via Zoom or Clubhouse. CLICK HERE FOR ZOOM AND CLUBHOUSE LINK.

Ask any questions you may have regarding anything you have sought answers without success. We address all questions with Actual Facts, Paa Taruq (The Way), The Master’s Secrets, Right-Knowledge, Right-Wisdom, Right-Overstanding leading you to Right-Reasoning.

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