Q & A classes are held every Saturday from 7pm to 9.30pm on Zoom and Clubhouse. ***CLICK HERE FOR LINK***

This is a class/forum where you can ask any question you may have. This can be relating to Wu Sabat Doctrine, African Spirituality, African History, Language, Ancient Sciences, Ether Energy, Vibrational Frequencies, Raising Your Vibration, Unseen Spirit Forces or any other subject topic. Within this framework we deal in facts which you can prove rather than belief which you cannot prove.

Who And What Is a Sabaean?

A Sabaean is an Animist or one who respects nature and the spirit forces which exists in all things referred to as animism.

Is there a cost for your classes?

There is no cost to our classes.

What is Wu-Sabat or Wu-Nawap?