In this issue ACTUAL FACT: ‘Existence How & Why’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, teaches that, to understand; life, time, the existence of existence and creation, growth, nature and un-natural, there must be a re-programming of the many human minds with correct and proper knowledge, in pursuit of truth and facts, NO BELIEF!

As indoctrination in the many fields of society, has literally been used as a tool against the masses. There was a time when Hydrogen was viewed and accepted as the lightest form of atomic element, and being so, from where it came from, was viewed as having no weight, or being called; Nothing, when in fact, what they viewed as nothing, really and actually exist, so in other words, there is no such thing called nothing. Quantum is the door way to the other side of things.


A must read.