Addicted to White


How do you end oppression?

Announcing a new and proven self-help strategy, Addicted to White by author Jerome E. Fox, Ph.D., that reveals the first step is for the oppressed to break their addiction to the values of the oppressor.

Dr. Fox, a clinical psychologist, analyzes global race relations, and concludes that the major challenge confronting black people everywhere is their ideological entanglement with a white social order predicated on narcissism, greed, and violence. To demonstrate, he defines five core white values, then shows how the behavior and thinking of most black people reflect these destructive values. In the mold of Biblicist-seer-abolitionist Nat Turner, Dr. Fox adds Scriptures to his intriguing analysis to further spur critical thinking in his readers, and presents his work in a comprehensive self-help format.

While Addicted to White will appeal to thoughtful black people around the world, thoughtful white readers will also find the book enlightening for its unique stance.

Is it too late to mount an effective campaign against the spread of racial oppression? Dr. Fox doesn’t think so—and here he lays out his compelling roadmap to a successful, happier future for everyone who is willing to stand up and fight back.

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Addicted To White The Oppressed In League With The Oppression A Shame-Based Alliance


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