Poor diet, environment, stress, alcohol, lack of sleep etc are factors contribute to the body’s ability to function at its best. In turn this can create bad skin, bad breath, weight gain, high blood pressure etc. The average person has around 7 pounds or more of undigested food in their intestines. This toxic environment within the body is a place that parasites live in. This encourages fungi and bacteria to breed in. In turn, the parasites have created an environment that places a HEAVY burden on the organs in your body. This also affects the skin, lungs and nervous system, which in turn can leave one feeling slow and heavy.

Atunbi is a 1 tablet complete system and colon cleanser designed to get rid of excess waste in the body, which will in turn boost your immune system and assist in weight loss. Atunbi colon cleanse also removes mucus that has built up in the body. It also thoroughly detoxes bodily fluids, lungs, liver, pancreas, bacteria, dead cell tissues and parasites. Atunbi should be taken 3–4 times a year in order to maintain a positive impact energetic impact on your body.

Atunbi colon cleanse also has the potential to for you to lose a significant amount of weight in a 24-hour period due to the fact that it will constantly make you go to the toilet once taken. The frequent trips to the toilet will take place for the duration of the colon cleanse detox, and you should continue to drink water throughout the entire day, after each time you stool.

Dosage Guidelines

2 capsules. 15 – 20 pounds over ideal weight

3 capsules – 20 – 35 pounds over ideal weight

Directions for Use

Atunbi Colon Cleanse detoxifies toxins from the body. Stay home for the entire duration of the day and continue to drink water to assist in flushing.

(This product is not suitable for pregnant women) (This product is sold as 1 capsule and may slightly differ from image.)