In this issue PAA TARAQ: ‘Thirty Spirits’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, teaches about the Thirty Spirits in human beings, that is within their four generations. Dr Malachi Z K York showcases that humans are not just a composite of their mothers and fathers, nor their grandparents, but going all the way back to their great grand parents.

This was popularly demonstrated by Gregor Mendel, who was a botanist, geneticist and monk. Gregor Mendel expressed through the scientific expereiments, research and results, of what are called the dominant and recessive traits or alleles within genes – hence he became the progenitor of what is called; ‘Mendel’s Law’.

Dr Malachi Z K York teaches how each of your thirty spirits, who are the familiy line personalities within you, can have an affect on the actual personality that is YOU, as they still live on through you, but the main YOU, must stay in control, as not all of these family/familiar spitits, who are related to you by your genes, may have your best interests at heart.


A must read.