Steens Raw Munuka Honey

About this item

  • WHOLE COMB & UNPASTEURIZED: Our unique extraction method means our Manuka honey is raw, crushed whole Manuka honeycomb with the wax removed. Wholesome food such as Bee Bread (Comb Pollen) has been retained for better functional nutrition.
  • 100 % VERIFIED: Independently verified by the official UMF Association for purity, potency, and quality. Based on the Manuka definition published by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), this is a Monofloral Manuka honey. This ultra-premium grade contains at least 263 mg/kg MGO (MG).
  • HOME TO HIVE TRACEABILITY: Follow the trace code on the label to see that each jar of Steen’s Manuka honey is a genuine New Zealand product. Every jar is authentic, and has been sourced fresh by our beekeepers, and packed in BPA-free jars at our facility in NZ.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Our Manuka Honey is an ideal homemade remedy for dry skin and DIY beauty regimes as a face scrub
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: If you enjoy Wildflower, Raw honey, Brazilian Sour, Acacia, Australian Jarrah – Try Steens’ offering to discover the unique texture and rich aroma.