In this issue PAA TARAQ: ‘The Golden Children’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, teaches that the Golden Children, also known as Star Children or Star Seeds, started their final incarnation in to chosen persons in the year 1973 A.D. on up to 2003 A.D. These Golden Children are from far and wide within the many societies around the world, regardless of race.

Many of these Star Seeds have great powers in learning, they do this with an inner third eye vision and have strong perception of intuition. Many separate themselves and appear to others to be sometimes viewed as; crazy, unbalanced, insane, strange or just very different. The Golden Children’s DNA, as well as many others from all over the world are being upgraded. A new dimension is here, a dimension of love and unity against the evils of the worlds, for the Golden Children are chosen by the forces of nature to do a job here on Earth.


A must read.