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£1 Million Challenge

The 1MC (£1 Million Challenge) project was launched in 2020 in response to the devastating effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Its main objective was to challenge the community to raise 1 million pound to support and safeguard the ramifications of COVID-19: death, unemployment, business closures, mental health issues, isolation were just a few of the issues faced by the African Community in a sever way.  We know that a million pounds is nowhere near what is required but it is a start.  Unprecedented times called for us to dig-deep and pull together as a community to help each other through fundraising.  Indeed, Thomas Moore raised millions in a short period of time to support the NHS.

Captain Sir Thomas Moore, more popularly known as Captain Tom, was a British Army officer and fundraiser who raised money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 was a wake up call to many of us, forcing us to rethink and reevaluate how we deal with emergencies and mitigate future risks.  The work of this project is ongoing with a roadmap, plans and strategies put in place to not only achieve its objectives but to exceed them!  Contact us if you would like to assist in any way.

We sponsor groups, collaborate and work with community leaders and groups on our proposals.  Also, see FAQs.

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Goal (£1MC)£12500£1000000

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1MC Proposed Allocation

We have, without a shadow of a doubt, the power to build our own economy and be financially autonomous. With all of the naturally honed skills and abilities, we can start to turn around the extremities of being a consumer, to then becoming a competitive seller within the global market.

To attain true justice within our communities, we must reach a unifying strength of organisation and resilience. Our past leaders have always said; “Unity Is Strength” and that “Our Powers Are Within Our Numbers” – and so we must ensure that we exercise our community positions of power, and give support to those already in positions of influence, to defend our natural born human rights.

It has been said before, that; “Our Health Is Our Wealth” – and so we must aim to improve and maintain our health, for the betterment of our survival. As a people, for so long, we have been negatively bombarded with toxins in vast manners, as if there exists a sinister plan, to conduct extermination on the darker race. Many of our wise and knowledgeable elders have laid out the guiding path towards optimum health, let’s all follow their footsteps.

With the advent of social media, along with the past conventional forms, it has become the new oxygen within our daily lives. Social media has given humanity the improved and speedy capacity, to communicate in ways unimaginable – and so many have, and we should all take full advantage, as this will greatly advance our world of commerce.

We must re-educate or rather provide knowledge that will ultimately lead to an improved mindset. Instead of relying on the government or others to solve our issues, we should engender a can-do attitude and aim to make efforts within our communities, to holistically teach our children and youth. We are very capable and possess all of the necessary skills and experience to accomplish anything we put our collective minds to.


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