Malachi York has roared like a lion for more than five decades for all people to wake up and look beyond the headlines. African people are united by genetic and physical characteristics regardless of what we choose to call ourselves or the religious beliefs we decide to cling to. Malachi York has explained how Africa has been divided up by foreign aggressors and Africans have also been divided amongst each other for generations, losing history, culture and knowledge of self, making them vulnerable to oppression, poverty and political manipulation. Malachi York has shown and proved that many groups of people outside of Africa are descendants of Africans but have forgotten or choose to deny this fact. From Brazil to Puerto Rico, to Australia to America’s own native tribes. Seeing how much we have in common outweighs our differences and will be a catalyst for us to work together for our collective benefit.  

Malachi York, since the 70s and 80s has spoken passionately about the beautiful people of Africa who have been plagued by famine, disease and civil wars whilst the biggest countries and economies of the world exploit and drain their natural wealth and resources. Malachi York has taught that Africans are a rich people born on the largest, richest continent, containing some of the most sought after minerals and resources. Like; diamond, gold, oil, copper and platinum group metals. Over the years Malachi York has remained a constant voice of inspiration and motivation. A lion roars from the wilderness for African peoples worldwide to come to a realisation of self. Urging us to understand and activate our potential and heal the world as we heal ourselves. 

Malachi York’s philanthropic works, his business acumen and sheer tenacity to reach people around the world through his positive, empowering teachings and writings unfortunately made him a target for nefarious forces who are threatened by his message. Malachi York’s current predicament forces one to reflect upon the plight of our people, our celebrities, musicians, actors, civil rights activists and leaders in our lifetime and come to the realisation. There is an orchestrated and so far successful agenda to keep Africans at home and abroad oppressed, depressed and divided. 

Malachi York’s case is so significant it could unravel the whole US justice system. Arrested May 8th 2002, he has spent 12 of his 19 years in prison in Solitary Confinement under a misnomer as Dwight D. York B.O.P. Reg.: #17911-054 at the Bureau of Prisons USP Florence ADMAX Facility. The original trial was awash with gross prosecutorial and judicial misconduct and the presiding judge had a conflict of interest. 3 years prior to 2002 in 1999 Judge C. Ashley Royal  State Bar # 617350 was the attorney for Oconee Regional Medical Center fighting against Malachi York’s family and lost, (Case# 98CV34669C) but did not recuse himself at Malachi York’s trial. There were a number of recantments ( from key government witnesses, not to mention violations of diplomatic immunity (Consul General and Diplomat D/P#: 003828-04 for the Republic of Liberia). Incredibly, Malachi York was still given a sentence of 135 years. The court transcripts have been sealed by Judge Charles Ashley Royal, but a little research shows Malachi York’s innocence. This must all come to light for the world to see. His suffering must end and repatriation must be swiftly secured. He has been in prison for 19 years now and before he was arrested he had no previous history of violent crimes or ties to organized crime as one would expect of a person housed at ADX Florence in Colorado. Malachi York applied for Clemency in 2016. This application is still pending and under investigation. Refer to Clemency reference# C196902 and learn more about this case at

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