The Psalms of Yaanuwn

This small pocket sized book should be carried with you at all times! The Psalms of Yaanuwn is a collection of outpouring emotions in short prayer format that allows the reader to express their feelings from the highest of joys to the lowest of regrets and everything that is in between. The book is small enough to fit into a pocket and serve as a reminder to us all to remain prayerful during our busy lives.

As a Nuwaupian / Sabaean I am on a journey to find balance and master the physical as well as the spiritual, overstanding that being rooted in spirituality will allow us to weather any storm and remain standing. Paa Nabab Yaanuwn has reintroduced us to our true power in natural nature by way of our Salafu wu Paa Nadjar-u, “Ancestors and The Overseers”. Application of the principles of Wu-Nawap / Wu-Sabat, meditation, visualisation, chanting and prayer will bring about our collective deliverance. The Psalms of Yaanuwn helps me when I cannot find the right words, it’s inspiring, it builds confidence and a sense of knowing that Paa Taraq, “The Way” is our guidance, protection, and salvation. I use the Psalms of Yaanuwn to give thanks and appreciation for the simple things that we often overlook in life like our blessings from divine genes that allow us to grow strong and survive the changing conditions on the planet. I have used this book to also heal myself and others with Psalm number 18 and 72. I’ve gained a greater overstanding of what it means to be a Sacred Feminine and a Sacred Masculine in Psalm 43 and 44 and realise the importance of saving others found in Psalm 65.

This is just a snapshot of the power-packed into this book and I would highly recommend it to old, young and in between who want to better themselves and help others they care about through the art of prayer.