Ra’ahu’baat muysar, “greetings family”. I am going to share some of my thoughts and feelings concerning the book called Paa Taqrur written by the hand of Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn. Anyone who has read a book written by this author can testify to the profound knowledge and divine insight Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn is able to convey.

I purchased this book on impulse and had no prior knowledge of what it was about, the cover illustrations were bold and striking, very different to what I had been used to seeing and I guess it tweaked my curiosity. The title – Paa Taqrur when translated from Mis’batiya into English means “The Decision”, and the book is written to cause the mind to question the many things people accept every day as true, just because a person says a thing does not make it true! I can wholeheartedly say that this book has had a serious impact on me by opening my eyes widely to facts that seem to have been hidden in plain sight all my life.

The 19 chapters detail points from the Bible and Quran that show who the deities of these holy books truly are. At the end of each chapter you will be left with the ability to decide about what is true and what is false, who is for you and who is not, who you are from and who you are not from, what was written for you and what is not. Also who you are, not what you have become or renamed.

The chapters are named and ordered as follows:

  1.       The Beatitudes
  2.       Thankful
  3.       Truth
  4.       The ones who are disputers
  5.       The saviour
  6.       Change
  7.       The ones who are ignorant
  8.       The ones who are rebellious
  9.       Races
  10.       The deceptions
  11.       The blood
  12.       Whites and reds
  13.       Fire and light
  14.       The Giants
  15.       The family
  16.       The extra-terrestrials
  17.       Symbols
  18.       Life and living
  19.       The deceivers

Before I summarise some of these chapters it is important to mention that Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn has infused the entire book with the ancient and most beautiful language Mis’bat’iya or Sabaeic, the oldest spoken language of the oldest and first people of this planet, Africans, negroids. The Sabaeic words are written in their original script, then transliterated into English letters before being translated into English. This approach to imparting right knowledge and sound right reasoning is further proof of Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn being the Master Teacher as the reader absorbs not only the information and facts presented but also begins to see and speak and learn our own lost but now found language from the stars.

The Beatitudes – This chapter proclaims the supreme blessings that are upon the devoted and true children of Wu-Nawap / Wu-Sabat who learn who they are, become pure in heart, mind and soul, then teach it to others everywhere. Being the best example for others will be the cure for the chaos of the world.

Change – Gives the simple instruction to look towards Wu-Nawap /Wu-Sabat for the authentic way of life, our own way of life without fear. It will erect facts, replacing faith and beliefs with confirmations.

The Races – explains the clear distinction between melanin-ites and all the races, the physical and blood characteristics of the biblical adamites, where on the planet they reside today. Africans are not adamites we pre-date their making.

The Extraterrestrials – This chapter presents information about the various ETs that have been involved with planet earth, providing names, descriptions and where in the galaxy they have come from. A list of quotes from the Bible and Quran provides evidence of their interference with religion

All in all this book is a powerful and liberating read that will be appreciated by anyone who is a seeker of truth with an open mind. I recommend it to all who are inquisitive and unafraid to save themselves and teach others.