The Gospel of Yaanun on the Sacred Feminine: Book Review

The Gospel of Yaanun, The Sacred Feminine provides the facts on the sacred feminine. It goes into biological factors, the nature and effect of patriarchy, the nature of females as Goddesses, health, hygiene, and many other important topics. The scroll speaks about the wider context of the feminine, and other related topics however, we will pick a few of the overarching themes to explore in this review. This is one of the scrolls which is medium to long in length, feel free to purchase a copy from us if you’d like to have a more comprehensive overview.

Dr Malachi Z York says, ‘The gospel of Yaanun on the feminine reveals the secrets of life, living, growth, growing, create, creating of the universe and those in it’.

There are clear differences between masculine and feminine, and it’s important that we recognise differences between the two so that we can bring them into harmony. Dr York helps us to come to terms with this by breaking down the biological differences, and the implications that come with it. For example, it highlights that the left brain is male, and the right brain is female, and that if the two become one in thinking and doing they will become more connected, leading to the use of the pineal gland – Also known as opening the third eye.

Some of the differences the scroll points out between men and women include both spiritual, and biological. One of these differences includes the mindset that men have, for example, a man may be more inclined to take things apart to see how they work, whereas a female may be more likely to accept natural beauty as is. It uses the example that men will see a sharp object and use it as a weapon, whereas women will see the same object and use it to prepare a meal. It is these subtle, nurturing differences that, as the scroll points out, enable women to hold the key to world peace.

As we can see through world events, more women are now coming into power, wealth, and leadership. Which, as Dr York points out, has been helped by the wide adoption of computers which connects parts of the brain, and the outcome will be in favour of females, who are able to use the internet to connect with other women around the globe, as they are increasingly, and connectedly becoming more aware of their power. He says that the feminine will return to their power and will rule again, while the man will return to his state of being a protector.

The scroll talks about the crucial role that women have had in birthing society. Despite many conflicting explanations of how the population came into existence, if we look at the mitochondrial DNA, we will see that it can only be passed on from mother to daughter, and never from father to child. Dr York points out that mother nature is to care for us, in divine harmony and cycles, for example just like how females’ menstrual cycles begin to sync up if they become close with one another, in turn, the female body cycle can be seen to be in harmony with the moon and its different phases.

Health and Hygiene

The Gospel of Yaanun stresses the importance of living a healthy and hygienic way. From the way the feminine washes and cleans herself internally, externally, and spiritually. For example, it highlights the health benefits of fruits, stating what times fruit can be consumed more to have various types of impact on the body.

Dr York also points out that different forms of bathing have different effects on the body. For instance, he states that warm water soothes the nervous system, and cold baths help with circulation. Either of which is to be taken in the morning, and at night before bed.

Womb health is another focal point for the scroll, as it highlights that a natural environment is to be kept in the womb for optimal health. For example, tampons work by blocking blood flow, this can lead to toxic shock syndrome, not to mention the harmful chemicals which can be present in bleached products, including some sanitary pads. The transition to becoming a fully grown woman is said to begin when she begins to menstruate, so to take care of the womb (including the food ingested) is the beginning of the woman’s journey into nurturing herself and generations after her.

Women as Goddess

The Gospel of Yaanun on the sacred feminine describes women as the Goddess who birthed God, the first to nourish and teach the child, and the brains behind men. It highlights that although we are here to love one another, there is no greater love than a mothers’ and whoever doesn’t have divine love doesn’t really know who they are. This may be why Dr York puts forward that it will be women who will restore things back to their natural state of being, despite man-made laws of self-destruction, natural nature is here to heal.

Dr York says ‘Feminine is the Goddess and her body is the holy temple to be worshipped as such. How she protects it is her choice. How she presents it is her choice’. This is important to consider, as women can often be seen to be controlled through fear, institutions, and patriarchy.


In this scroll, Dr York highlights just how pervasive, patriarchy can be. In society and, as displayed through restrictions, and negativity towards women, inequality can be observed in many forms.

Males are not necessarily the only ones at fault here. As Dr York points out, many women have given (or it could be argued that it has been taken) their ‘natural rule’ over to men.

This is symbolised through the status quo/hierarchy we see present in the world today. For example, the objectification of women on a wide scale. Many mothers are said to have become ‘slaves’ to fathers in the home, with their own expression, and inner desires regulated and made secondary to their male counterparts, put in place through laws and cultural norms. What’s more is that a lot of women have even neglected, or not been taught about the needs and pleasures of their own bodies. This has meant that a woman’s satisfaction for a large proportion of society, has been neglected. The scroll highlights that if a woman doesn’t learn about their bodies, and teach men about them, males will unknowingly seek their own pleasures, and continue to neglect the feminine.

According to the Gospel of Yaanun, The Masculine must once again learn to respect The Feminine and in time, the world will return to its matriarchal status.


Other aspects of life touched on include having balance in all aspects of life, thinking before acting, and living a life that goes beyond only superficial things, as living by beauty alone won’t last.

Being studious is another quality which is highly recommended by the Sabaean community as becoming more studious will allow us to educate ourselves on how we can live more wholesome lives, this includes knowing what to surround ourselves with because as Dr York points out, what we ingest and inhale, as well as colours and sounds affect our brain and bodies.


As mentioned earlier, this scroll extends its scope into other connected topics to give us an understanding of how different aspects of life are associated with each other. For example, the human relationship to fear. Dr York explains that we are the only species who know that we will die one day this, he says, has affected human thinking by birthing fear through uncertainty.

The scroll reminds us that life is both physical, and spiritual. It emphasises the importance of maintaining cleanliness and suggests that we first clean ourselves physically, and then spiritually, while planning to overcome our weaknesses and experience forgiveness.

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