In this issue ACTUAL FACT: ‘Neuroscience Of Wu-Nuwaup’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, teaches about the science and way of life called; Wu-Nuwaup and how neuroscience deals with the physiological aspects of nerves. By the activation of dormant genes, the same can go through, what is called; Genetic Explosion or Implosion, once triggered.

The new science and way of life; Wu-Nuwaup, has had its resurgence in the 20th century, and is likened to a new frequency station. Humans worldwide who have accommodated this frequency of light/knowledge, has embarked upon the process called Neurogenesis, which is the ability of the brain to grow new and accommodating neurons, which are electrically excitable cells, that processes and transmits information by electrical and chemical signalling.


A must read.