In this issue ACTUAL FACT: ‘Good And Evil’, Dr Malachi Z K York, also known as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, teaches about natural and un-natural duality; to and fro, positive/negative, up/down, female/male, hot/cold. However there are man-made dogmas that have taken many of the old axioms of natural dualities, and have created un-natural dualities, to deceive and control the populace’s thought processes, ideally to instil a state of fear.

In this book, the notion of Good & Evil is displayed in so far as the origin of the concept and the connotative implications that it has on the minds of the many. In nature there exist cycles of agreeable and disagreeable, which all exist inside of every single human being, and so humans must be careful of the powers that be, that play the games of misdirection and Sleight of hand, especially behind the guise of religion.


A must read.