I, Haptwy Rayay Atum Hatap, present to you all my edification on the scroll “Breaking The Spell on The Blacks” written by The Master Teacher Paa Nabab Yanuwn a.k.a Dr. Malachi Z K York.

After coming out of the schools of zaa’am “religion”, Dr Malachi Z York then presented to us all with what we call “Right Knowledge”- encompassing right wisdom and right understanding which would lead us into right overstanding onto the science of sound, right reasoning. This science is called Wu-nawap or Wu-s’abat in our ancient language of Sabaeic.

I regard “Breaking The Spell on The Blacks” as one of the most profound books within the Right Knowledge series that Dr Malachi Z York has given us.

Within this scroll, Dr Malachi Z York informs us why we, as mukhmem-u “blacks” do what we do, which is due to a hypnotic spell of sleep that has been placed upon our minds and thoughts by wicked disagreeables and their off-spring in human form.

One of the race of devils’ greatest tools that has and is being used against us nagar.nad-u (negroids), is religion. This is a major weapon used that has us loving other than self and kind and also living in the image and likeness of other than self and kin-(d).

At this point let me quote from the Dr Malachi Z York “… never did I know that the evil one had done such a great job with these people both mentally and physically as to have them hate self and kind. My greatest dilemma and hindrance has been the black devil. Born amongst you and by you, married to you, socializing with you, praying in the same sacred houses of worship as you; but secretly they have a spiritual pact with the devil, which makes it near impossible for them to totally surrender to nuwaupu.
But for the chosen few from the many called, I sift to find those beings that wish to become one with the supreme in Aĺl…” pg 2

Within this scroll, Dr Malachi Z York points out to us how we don’t really question anything that is taught to us except if we are being taught by one of our own – a very sad state of affairs for any race to be in.
Paa Nabab Yanuwn always says “don’t believe me check it out” this is inclusive of not believing anything or anyone else who teaches us. Question them All.

On page 22 of “Breaking The Spell on The Blacks,” Dr Malachi Z York says “…facts can be rejected but they (facts) cannot be disproved” Especially not when you have confirmation by way of experience, evidence and reason. Reasoning is one of the highest forms of mental processing by way of our personal higher mental drives – our own mind which becomes “mine” when extracted from that mental reservoir.

Question: “who is our true (sadaq – one who can be trusted) teacher?”
Answer: ” one who has been Authorised, Qualified and Appointed By The Female Forces Of Fat’eral Fat’ar (Natural Nature), of whom Ba’h’ Ba’h’ Yanuwn is such a shakhas (person), page 25.
Within religion we are always taught about a “saviour” and “salvation”, however within this scroll that I’m writing about,  Paa Nabab explains and expounds upon the words “salvation and liberation”.

Salvation is protection from all kinds of enemies inclusive of hunger, disease, and ignorance… liberation is true independence from domination by way of another kind of people or race…” pg 107-108.

Once we become masters of our own destinies, we no longer need liberating or freedom from the domination from other races or people; yet salvation we constantly need to be able to function spontaneously (at will) and efficaciously (for an intended result to be attained).
The English language that we presently speak is also a “spell” binding tool.
Look at these words ” forgiveness”, “mercy” and “justice”.

Question: ” what is forgiveness, mercy, and justice?”
Answer: ” forgiveness is temporary transference (removal) of guilt from the guilty to the forgiver.”
The unfortunate thing about forgiveness is that the punishment or guilt is given or falls upon the forgiver – thus he, she or they receive the penalty or punishment. However, forgiveness does not satisfy the natural rules of justice by nature.
Mercy is a delay of justice until a later time. Then justice will fall upon the individual guilty one himself (or herself) or upon his or her seed or kind, because each and every one of a kind is one flesh and blood, for they sprang from the same ancestral tree or origin.
Justice is words for words and deeds for deeds.

“… not equal to the amount sown but to the amount grown”, pg 119.
In other words, the one who sowed the seed of wrongness must reap the whole harvest, however, all who were a part of the chain reaction of transgressions must also meet the same fate as the original aggressor.
Now, being that we are in the year 2020 H.A ( Here After) justice by the natural laws of Ma’at’ (nature) IS being fulfilled since the year 2000 A.D.

We as Afaf Rayay Kaa’ah’-u (Africans) must embrace our own hazhab (culture) Wu S’abat’ – the practices and rites and means of identification of those Sabeans of time passed. For therein we will find our protection, liberation, and forces of salvation.”

We as nagar-nad-u should be living by black magic, however? Blacks are still living by white magic, a spell of ghost or gospel (ghost spell) under the white and Indo-Arab religions called Christianity, Islam and their tricknowledge called the media. This is their master technology of the hypnotic spell pg 117.

I, HaptwyRayay Atum Hatap, in closing, would encourage all to purchase the Actual Facts, Masters’ Secrets, Paa T’araq, and the many scrolls written by The Master Teacher and to attend our Q&A classes either online or in-person to have your unanswered questions answered. “the only rebellion the Nuwaupian masses can win at this time, is a mental and spiritual revolution, which will put the Nuwaupian masses in mental and spiritual power”. The reading, studying and acceptance of these scrolls are the weapons, that all Nuwaupian, blacks should arm themselves with. Then universal power will work with You and for You, pg 119.

“You must, as Supreme Beings god-man and god-women, step forward equally and take your rightful place as rulers of the planet responsible for self and kind. Together for you need the spirituality of the man and the attunement with nature-of the woman and rule equally as one balanced being, within all, All in All. pg128

“We The Ether People Must Come Home To Our Own”. Eloheem video tape by Dr Malachi Z K York.
” It’s Our Time”